Welcome to the German Language Studio Melbourne. You would like to learn German in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere?

To improve your pronunciation in private lessons, to prepare for a trip or an examination? To operate in business meetings in a secure manner? Or just because learning languages broadens your mind? Or do you need translations of operating instructions, travelling reports or specialist's reports? Into German or English?

The German Language Studio provides a first-class language service by native speakers. Profit from more than twenty years of experience.

Brigitte Götzl
Individual & group tuition for travel, business, V.C.E./IB, certificates and accelerated learning, translations
13 Wrixon Avenue
3187 East Brighton, Vic./Australia
phone/fax (03) 95768443
email: germanlcs@optusnet.com.au
internet: www.german-language-studio.com

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